What takes place

We understand not everyone is familiar with what takes place at a church service.  In order for you to be better prepared and less intimidated, we have prepared the following: Our Sunday morning worship service begins with a time of music proceeded by general welcome which is normally followed by prayer. We will take an offering somewhere close to the beginning of the service as well.  Please do not let this intimidate you - this offering is for our members who return financial gifts for the operation of our local ministry - we call this tithes and offerings.  If you wish to give, we won’t hold you back but please don’t feel that you must.  In all likelihood, there will be more music before our pastor takes the stage to bring the sermon.  We employ several methods to communicate his message.  Of course, we will be using God’s Word, the Bible, along with a screen utilizing various slides and videos.

If you have children, please know that we want you to be comfortable.  If you want your baby to go to the Nursery Department that is fine with us.  If you feel more comfortable keeping your baby with you, that is fine as well.  We have a children’s service for kids age 4-10.  Our service normally concludes with an opportunity for decision.  3 things normally will take place.  1) This is an opportunity for someone to publicly ask God to save them and become Lord of their life, 2) This is also an opportunity for those who wish to publicly re-dedicate their lives to Christ, having lost the closeness they once shared with Him, and 3) It is also an opportunity for those wishing to join the church to do so.  There are two ways to make any of these decisions: First, here is a tear-off section attached to your bulletin.  Please complete your information and either return it in the offering plate as it comes around or give it the pastor or an usher at the end of the service.  Secondly, you may come forward at the end of the service and speak either to an altar counselor or the pastor and make your request known.

Service Times

9:45 AM ~ Sunday morning Grace Groups (Traditional Sunday School)

11:00 AM ~ Sunday morning worship

6:30 PM ~ Wednesday evening service